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Premium Steel Wall Frames Perth

At Action Framing, we produce premium steel wall frames. Our steel frames enable a more efficient construction process and a robust structure for buildings of all shapes and sizes. We engineer our steel wall frames with precision, ensuring that each frame we supply ensures structural integrity and longevity.

Our steel wall frames are perfect for a range of projects and we provide steel stud walls for single-story and multi-story buildings, residential homes, commercial buildings, and both internal and external stud walls. Enjoy guaranteed structural integrity, and flexibility in architectural design with quality wall frames.

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The Advantages of Steel Wall Frames

Steel wall frames deliver a swifter, more efficient building process, as well as peace of mind for both builders and occupants. The benefits include:

  • Steel frames speed up construction timelines, ensuring swift and efficient project completion.
  • Strength and durability (while being lighter than wood)
  • Fire-resistance, which enhances safety and may also result in lower insurance costs for property owners
  • Resistant to water and insect damage, meaning you won’t need to worry about potentially costly repairs later on
  • Environmentally friendly, because steel can be recycled and utilised in another manufacturing process later on. Also ensures fewer trees are used to make timber framing
  • Flexibility in design, so that you can create the perfect floor layout for your home or commercial building
  • Easy to custom-make framing, meaning we can incorporate any special requirements or design requests you may have

Quality steel wall frames are the smart choice, no matter the size of your project.

Choose Action Framing Today For Your Steel Wall Frames

We’re your local steel wall frame manufacturer, and we’re always committed to quality. Our expert craftsmen produce and supply a range of quality steel wall framing solutions for residential and commercial projects of all scopes and sizes.

At Action Framing, we only work with premium-quality materials and utilise the latest manufacturing techniques and technology. This allows us to supply versatile steel frame products to builders, developers, and homeowners in Perth. We always work with precision, delivering the highest quality building materials on offer. In the end, this gives you the best chance of completing a high-quality project that runs on time and under budget.

Health and safety is of critical importance to us. Therefore, we maintain rigorous standards in our workshop, during transportation, and when assembling framing on-site. Our employees receive regular training in safe practices and are equipped with the latest personal protective equipment for total protection. We always ensure that our work is compliant with current building regulations. At Action Framing, we don’t just meet industry standards – we exceed them.


When it comes to choosing between steel wall frames and timber for your construction project, the decision largely hinges on your specific needs and preferences. At Action Framing Solution, we’ve seen firsthand how steel wall frames offer distinct advantages over timber. Steel is renowned for its durability, resistance to termites, and its lack of susceptibility to moisture-related issues, making it an ideal choice for various climates and conditions. Additionally, steel frames provide a level of precision and consistency that timber simply can’t match, thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. While timber has its place in the construction industry, offering a traditional aesthetic and potentially lower initial costs, steel wall frames shine in longevity, maintenance ease, and overall structural integrity.

Steel wall frames boast an impressive lifespan, significantly outpacing traditional timber framing in terms of durability and longevity. When properly installed and maintained, steel frames can last for the lifetime of a building, often exceeding 100 years under ideal conditions. This longevity stems from steel’s inherent resistance to many of the factors that typically compromise the integrity of building materials, such as pests, fire, and moisture. By choosing steel wall frames from Action Framing Solution, you’re investing in the future of your construction project, ensuring a structure that stands the test of time with minimal maintenance requirements.

The cost of steel wall frames compared to traditional timber can vary for each project. However, it’s important to consider the long-term value and savings that steel frames provide. The durability, minimal maintenance, and resistance to damage from pests and weather conditions mean that steel frames can be more cost-effective over the lifespan of your building. Additionally, the efficiency of our steel framing solutions at Action Framing Solution, including precision engineering and reduced construction waste, often leads to overall savings in the construction process. Therefore, while the initial investment might be higher, the long-term benefits and cost savings make steel wall frames an economically wise choice.

Yes, steel wall frames are designed to be load-bearing and are an excellent choice for providing structural integrity to buildings. At Action Framing Solution, our steel frames are engineered to meet specific load-bearing requirements, ensuring they can support the designated weight of your building’s roof, floors, and any additional loads. The strength-to-weight ratio of steel is exceptionally high, allowing for thinner, yet stronger frames that can support substantial loads over large spans. This capability makes steel frames versatile for both residential and commercial construction projects, offering both reliability and flexibility in design.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our ethos at Action Framing Solution, and steel wall frames are a testament to our commitment to environmentally friendly construction practices. Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials available, primarily because it is 100% recyclable without loss of quality, meaning it can be reused in new construction projects indefinitely. Additionally, the precision manufacturing of steel frames reduces on-site waste, and their durability means less need for replacements or repairs, further minimizing the environmental impact over the lifetime of a building. By choosing steel wall frames, you’re not only making a decision that benefits your project but also one that supports the health of our planet.

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