Quality Rural Sheds in Perth and across WA

At Action Framing, we design and manufacture premium quality rural sheds. We create custom sheds that are perfect for a huge range of uses and are a fantastic addition to any rural property. We can tailor a rural shed to fit your unique needs and craft a shed of any shape or size. If you need a shed to store equipment, machinery, or vehicles, or require a rural shed for a different use, we’re here to help.

We conceptualise, design, and manufacture rural sheds. Our expert designers work closely with you to create a custom design that offers functionality and provides everything you require from your rural shed. Then, we’ll manufacture all of the components in our facility, using high-quality materials and cutting-edge machinery. We design and craft with precision, and the end result is a premium quality rural shed.

Take a look at our range of rural sheds below.

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The Barn Shed

Constructed out of high quality 90mm steel stud frame construction including:

  • 1 x 2490mm Roller door
  • 1 x PA Door
  • 1 x small window
  • Pre assembled wall frames and roof trusses

Custom orb sheeting and flashings

Durable Perth Rural Sheds

We design and manufacture rural sheds that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. Perth and the rest of WA are often subject to high temperatures, heavy rain, and hail. All of these weather elements can cause damage to certain structures… but our rural sheds are built to last, ensuring that whatever is inside your shed is protected from the weather at all times.

We manufacture rural sheds using high-grade colorbond steel and quality manufacturing practices. This ensures that we are always delivering tough sheds that are excellent for a wide range of uses. What’s more, they come in a range of shapes and sizes, tailored to your requirements and needs. Looking for the perfect rural shed for your property? We’re here to help.

Why Choose Action Framing?

At Action Framing, we’re the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality rural sheds in Perth and all of Western Australia. We know that each customer has a different set of requirements from the next, which is why we provide a tailored approach… which always delivers better results. We’re proudly Australian-owned, and we design, engineer, and manufacture all of our products right here in Perth.

We are entirely committed to creating a safer workplace and job site. We’re dedicated to rigorous health and safety practices in our manufacturing facility and on each job site where we are assembling sheds or framing. Our workers receive regular training, and we conduct inspections and audits frequently. This allows us to ensure we are complying with the relevant regulations at all times.


The best material for a rural shed, in our professional experience, is Colorbond steel. This material is renowned for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to the harsh Australian climate. Colorbond steel comes in a variety of colours to match your style preferences and is designed to withstand everything from extreme heat to heavy rain, making it an ideal choice for rural settings.

Yes, absolutely! Customisation is one of our specialties at Action Framing Solution. We understand that each of our clients has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to tailor your rural shed in terms of size, layout, door and window placements, colours, and additional features like insulation or ventilation systems. Our goal is to ensure that your shed perfectly suits your specific requirements.

Yes, our rural sheds are designed to be suitable for all types of terrain, including areas prone to cyclonic conditions. We engineer our sheds with the Australian landscape in mind, ensuring that they can withstand a wide range of environmental stresses. Whether you’re located in a calm suburban area or a region that experiences extreme weather, our sheds are built to offer reliability and durability.

Yes, we do provide assistance with design and planning. At Action Framing Solution, we have a team of skilled professionals, including draftsmen and engineers, who are adept at guiding you through the entire process. From initial concept to final design, we ensure that every aspect of your rural shed is planned and executed with precision and care to meet your specific needs and expectations.

At Action Framing Solution, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality, customisable, and robust rural shed solutions that stand the test of time and elements. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to start planning your ideal rural shed today!

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