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We Make and Supply Quality Steel Frame Kit Homes in Perth

At Action Framing, we custom-build steel frame kit homes in Perth and for all across WA. Our expert design and manufacturing team utilise precision and quality materials to craft steel kit homes of all shapes and sizes. These kit homes allow you to customise virtually every aspect of your home, including the number of bedrooms, ceiling height, outdoor areas, and more.

Steel frame kit homes provide an affordable option with a streamlined construction process. These homes are incredibly easy to assemble while maintaining a durable structure that will stand the test of time. You can even assemble the home yourself! We provide kit homes for residential and commercial builders, as well as would-be homeowners.

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The Benefits of Steel Frame Kit Homes

At Action Framing, our innovative steel kit homes come with a range of benefits, offering a very affordable alternative to the traditional home-building process.

  • Steel frame kit homes are incredibly fast and easy to assemble. In fact, you can even do it yourself.
  • The construction process takes a fraction of the time when compared to traditional home-building. This means you’ll save plenty of money on labour costs.
  • These homes are fire resistant, which means a safer home and over time, less money spent on insurance premiums.
  • Steel frame kit homes are resistant to moisture and termites, giving you peace of mind and much less money spent on maintenance over the years.
  • Custom manufacturing allows for further precision, so we can craft your dream prefabricated home, realising your vision.
  • Steel framing is much lighter than timber, which makes it far easier and more affordable to transport to the building site.
  • These homes offer an environmentally friendly alternative to timber, as steel is entirely recyclable, and utilising high-grade steel means fewer trees are cut down to produce timber framing.

Steel frame kit homes are a smart choice for faster, more affordable residential and commercial construction projects.

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At Action Framing, we produce a range of steel framing products and kit homes. We strive to deliver premium framing and steel kit homes at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. Our engineering and manufacturing processes ensure that our steel kit homes provide incredible versatility, no matter the size of your home. Get control over your budget and enjoy a smooth construction process with our steel frame kit homes.

Health and safety is always a priority for us at Action Framing. We ensure that all of our staff are operating safely in our manufacturing facility while transporting products, and when working on-site. Our workers are highly trained in safe practices and will take every step to ensure that anyone in the vicinity is safe. We carry out regular inspections and audits to ensure safety and compliance at all times. We don’t just meet industry standards – we exceed them.

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Yes, steel frame kit homes are inherently energy efficient for several reasons. The precision of steel framing allows for tighter seals against external conditions, significantly improving insulation and reducing air leakage. This efficiency is enhanced when combined with modern insulation materials, leading to lower heating and cooling costs. Additionally, the reflective properties of steel can deflect heat, contributing to a more consistent indoor temperature. At Action Framing Solution, we focus on creating homes that are not only structurally sound but also cost-effective to maintain, thanks in part to their energy efficiency.

The lifespan of steel frame kit homes is one of their most compelling advantages. Designed to last, these homes can easily exceed 100 years with proper maintenance. The longevity of steel surpasses traditional building materials by resisting factors that typically degrade structures, such as pests, moisture, and fire. By choosing a steel frame kit home from Action Framing Solution, you’re making a long-term investment in a home that will stand the test of time, providing security and comfort for generations.

While steel frame kit homes offer numerous benefits, there are considerations to keep in mind. For instance, steel conducts heat, which can impact thermal performance if not properly insulated. However, this is effectively mitigated through modern insulation techniques and materials. Additionally, the initial cost might be higher compared to traditional materials, but the long-term savings in maintenance, energy efficiency, and durability often offset these initial investments. Our team at Action Framing Solution is dedicated to working through these considerations with you, ensuring your home meets your expectations in every aspect.

The construction time for a steel frame kit home can vary depending on the complexity of the design and the size of the home. However, one of the significant advantages of opting for a steel frame kit is the reduction in construction time. Typically, the frame can be erected in a matter of days once the site is prepared, and the entire home can be completed in a few months, significantly faster than traditional building methods. This expedited timeline is possible due to the prefabrication of components, which are manufactured to precise specifications and simply need to be assembled on site. At Action Framing Solution, we pride ourselves on efficient processes that save our clients both time and money, without compromising on quality or design.

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