Premium Colorbond Sheds in Perth and across all WA

At Action Framing, we’re the supplier of high-quality colorbond sheds in Perth and all across WA. Our entire range of sheds offers unparalleled durability, and we provide custom solutions for those who need something a little different. Whether you need a storage shed, workshop, mancave, or any other functional space, we’ve got a shed for you.

Our manufacturing plant utilises cutting-edge machinery and equipment to produce quality colorbond sheds of all shapes and styles. Our expert craftspeople design and manufacture sheds with precision, using only the highest quality colorbond steel, which is known for its durability. Each of our sheds maintains a sleek look that stands the test of time.

Range Of Sheds We Supply

Custom Colorbond Sheds

We understand that many of our clients have unique requirements. Custom colorbond sheds cater to the various needs of our customers, and our team is here to work closely with you. We’ll take the time to understand your vision and your requirements, as well as your aesthetic preferences. Then, we’ll design a custom shed that works for you!

Once the design is confirmed, we’ll manufacture your shed in our workshop using premium steel and high-quality machinery. After the manufacturing process is complete, we’ll deliver your shed and assemble it if arranged earlier. Whether you’re looking for a commercial shed, a workshop, or a large agricultural shed, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Us?


Industry Leader
Custom Designs For your specific needs
Affordable & Quality Sheds
Guaranteed Installation in 7 days
100% Owned & Operated

Our Guarantee

Supply in Full Undamaged

Engineered To Australian Standards

Materials Guaranteed for up to 40 Years

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