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At Action Framing, we manufacture and supply high-quality steel roof trusses locally to WA. Steel roof trusses create a streamlined construction process, ensuring that the structural integrity of your building is as robust as can be. We engineer our steel roof trusses to precision and manufacture them with the highest quality steel resources available.

Our trusses are ideal for projects of varying scope and scale, offering a custom solution that delivers exceptional performance and longevity in every application. We work with clients in both residential and commercial construction, providing a more efficient, longer-lasting, and safer alternative to traditional timber trusses.

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Why Choose Steel Roof Trusses?

Steel roof trusses offer a range of advantages over timber trusses. The advantages of steel trusses include the following:

  • Metal roof trusses can span further than wood, meaning they are a great choice for larger or unique structures.
  • The manufacturing process allows for more precise measurements and angles, perfect for tailored construction solutions.
  • Steel roof trusses are lighter than timber, and easier to transport, which makes for a safer operation, and often more affordable transportation.
  • Resistant to fire, moisture, and termites, which can save money on costly repairs in the future.
  • Compatible with almost all types of roofing systems.
  • No chemical treatments are necessary.
  • Metal can be recycled – therefore, steel trusses are environmentally friendly, and ensure that fewer trees are cut down to create timber trusses.
  • The versatility of steel allows for complex roof shapes and designs, enabling architects and builders to realise their vision without compromising on strength or functionality.
  • Steel roof trusses improve speed up construction as they are prefabricated off-site and delivered ready to install, significantly reducing construction time and on-site labour costs.
  • Steel comes with lower maintenance costs compared to wood, as steel doesn’t rot, warp, or require regular treatment for pests, making it a low-maintenance option over its lifespan.

Steel is the smart choice, every time.

Action Framing is Here to Help

At Action Framing, we’re always committed to delivering the highest quality products to our customers and clients in Perth. We engineer and manufacture our steel roof trusses with precision, utilising premium steel and the latest technology. We rigorously test each and every part of our trusses to ensure safety and quality. This allows us to provide trusses that promise reliability, affordability, and a robust structure for your latest job.

We always prioritise safety in our workshop, while transporting your products, and when on site. Our staff are trained in safe practices and equipped with quality personal protective equipment where necessary. Moreover, we’re entirely committed to compliance with the relevant regulations and legislation. We don’t just meet industry standards – we exceed them.

Steel Roof Trusses Perth


Steel roof trusses are celebrated for their exceptional longevity, often outlasting the buildings they are designed to support. With a lifespan that can easily exceed 60 years, and in many cases, reaching up to 100 years or more, steel trusses present a formidable option for those looking to invest in durability and strength. This extended lifespan is largely due to steel’s resistance to the elements, including moisture, fire, and pests, which commonly affect other building materials. At Action Framing Solution, we pride ourselves on providing steel roof trusses that stand the test of time, ensuring your project benefits from unparalleled durability and reliability.

The cost of steel wall frames compared to traditional timber can vary for each project. However, when considering the total cost of ownership, steel trusses often prove to be more economical over the lifespan of a building. Their durability, minimal maintenance requirements, and the speed of construction they enable, all contribute to reducing long-term costs. Furthermore, at Action Framing Solution, we focus on efficiency and precision in our manufacturing process, which helps in mitigating initial costs and providing value for our clients. It’s essential to evaluate the upfront costs against the long-term benefits and savings that steel trusses offer.

Sustainability is a key factor driving the increased adoption of steel roof trusses in construction. Steel is one of the most sustainable materials used in the building industry for several reasons:

  • Recyclability: Steel can be recycled indefinitely without degradation of its properties, making it a highly sustainable choice. The majority of steel used today contains recycled material.
  • Efficiency: The production of steel trusses is highly efficient, with minimal waste generated during manufacturing. This efficiency extends to the construction site, where prefabricated trusses reduce on-site waste.
  • Energy Efficiency: Buildings constructed with steel trusses can be designed to meet high energy efficiency standards, thanks to the material’s compatibility with insulation systems and airtight construction techniques.

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